Our company Dream Garden has been active since 2008 in importing and distributing quality products for your home and garden.  Dream Garden is committed to excellence both in products and services – we will transform your private garden into a dream spa garden and recreation area.  Dream Garden will enhance your quality of life and quality of time with family and friends.
After extensive market research, Dream Garden has chosen to import the leading brand names known for quality, design and human engineering: Caldera Spas, a leading spa for garden from the USA, Mauntfield swimming pools from the Czech Republic and grills and Outdoor kitchens made by FireMagic and Anerican Outdoor Grills in USA, to name just a few.  Dream Garden also provides garden heating equipment, Outdoor ovens and other products.
Dream Garden invites you to visit our fun exhibition hall which we have prepared specially for you.  Here you will see samples of garden spas, swimming pools and a range of grills and Outdoor kitchen for the garden.
We at Dream Garden know that there is nothing like the personal experience, so you are cordially invited to come and pamper yourself in the jacuzzi, experience the music and colors, and enjoy the relaxing and healthy atmosphere.  . . .
The Dream Garden Exhibition Hall is conveniently located at the new Industrial site in Poleg, Netanya, with easy access and a large parking area. 
The Dream Garden Exhibition Hall is open Monday – Thursday, 9:00-19:00.
Looking forward to seeing you!